Our Business Partner Bridge Tel is a wholly Australian based, owned, and operated Telecommunications provider. They provide SIP Trunks | Business Phones Systems and Business Grade NBN and Fibre solutions.

The Bridge Tel Cloud PBX, is an all-in-One Business PBX with Advanced Features and Low-Cost Calls whilst enabling you to keep your existing number.

Imagine taking a call in your office and needing to walk out and drive to a meeting. With the Bridge Tel solution you can.

Calls can be answered via an app on your mobile hence allowing you to work seamlessly throughout the day and indeed, the world.

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What is Strataspot & How does it Work?
It’s really quite simple.

The idea behind the concept is quite simple: tenants and residents all have to communicate with Building Managers, Strata Managers, and Property Managers when they need something done or fixed. In the past, the communication was slow and decentralized. Any maintenance issues, faults, booking issues etc. were all done by phone calls, and emails. Things would get lost and issues would be unattended without any accountability. Strataspot centralizes the whole process and allows tenants/residents to have full visibility on the issues around their building while they’re being done!

The same applies to other requirements like booking a visitors car park. All can be achieved with your mobile device or PC.

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