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For those that would like to get started right away please download and SIGN the our Fact Find page which you can download by “CLICKING HERE“. You will be asked to upload a copy of the signed page on the following page.

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This is a great opportunity to tell us what your requirements are in some detail.

Why use a broker for a loan?

Enjoy objective advice from an accredited broker based on your actual needs

Loan products are selected from a range of lending institutions from major banks to non-banks and credit unions

Access a special offers from lenders which are more attractive than that which your current bank is offering

Generally no charge to you for our services (for most residential and commercial clients) as brokers are paid by the financial institution after your deal goes through

Gleeson Loans have extensive mortgages experience including its Principal’s time with Macquarie Bank as well as working for major building product companies

Loans That can be Arranged are.

If what you are after is not showing please contact us.

Home Loans

We help to navigate constantly changing lender policy and finding the best deal for you.

Business Loans

We have a wide range of business finance from lo doc to full doc. Commercial security, residential security to caveats and in some cases no security. In fact for SME Finance “Click Here” and use our direct portal.

Car Finance

Looking to finance that car? Check that dealer finance carefully as it often is nowhere near as cheap as what it seems.

Other Finance

Trucks, buses, motorcycles and caravans. Computers, office or practice fitout, restaurants and cafes. We can do the lot. Medico finance available.

The following calculators are helpful before embarking on a financial journey;

If you want to take a look at your Budget click below and do some playing with your own figures;
Now might be the time to compare Renting to Buying a Property. If so click below;
The following button opens a Credit Card calculator for your use to gain an idea on where you are at;

One option is to look at replacing your existing mortgage. The following calculators are helpful in this regard;

You want to know how much you can borrow? Select the following to assist;
How Long to Pay it Back?
Select the following to see what Switching a Mortgage will offer up on annual savings to your budget;
How will Additional Payments Help?
To find out an estimate of the Repayments are select the below;
An Offset Account Can help?

These Calculators will assist when buying a new property either newly built or an existing property;

How Much Can I Borrow?
How Long to Pay it Back?
An Interest Only Mortgage?
What About Selling a Property?
What are the Repayment Costs?
How will Additional Payments Help?
Are You Buying a Property?
An Offset Account Can help?
To see our full range of Calculators Click Below.


Gleeson Loans can arrange Finance for;

Homes, commercial, cars, trucks, boats, caravans, equipment and personal loans.

What do I need to do?

Just fill out our enquiry form and send Gleeson Loans the details you wish to entrust us with.

If you are more comfortable with a phone call or an email this is fine but the more information you send Gleeson Loans the more accurate our response to your needs will be.

Who will reply?

An accredited broker.

“Accredited” means a broker recognised by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia, registered with the Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd and part of our aggregation service.

This means we have all had identification, police and credit checks and meet industry training standards.

Credit Guide?

Our Credit Guide is personalised to you as borrower each time. A master copy of this guide cab found by selecting this link Credit Guide‘. 

Included in this guide is both our internal and external disputes resolution process and privacy statement.

Note: This guide will open as a new page which will allow you to download a copy and sign the last page should you wish to go further with your enquiry. A signed copy can be uploaded by clicking here and following instructions.

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Head Office Location

Gleeson Loans is based at 44 Castle Hill Road West Pennant Hills NSW 2125
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