November 5, 2018

Gleeson Loans – Who are we?

Owner OccupiedYour apartment purchase. A reality achieved using Gleeson Loans NSW South Coast

Always the easy to get loan. These generally associate with the lowest interest rates. These loans can be for established properties else as a construction loan to build a new home. Some great lending  arrangements are available for construction loans.

Investment Lending

A lot has been happening on investment lending. Changes range from almost an absolute no through to there being little room for interest only loans on investment properties. To much to explain here. Make contact and we can do a personal briefing on  this contentious issue.

Vehicle Loans

Why pay full retail for a car. Contact us and let us help you into a great deal to buy that special vehicle you wish to obtain and do it at a great price. We work with a number of alternative lenders in this space. Again just send through your query on the adjacent inquiry form.

Commercial Lending Big or Small

Commercial lending large or small we do them all. I know this sounds like poetry but realistically any size lending can be done. Unlike others we have a variety of lenders that can assist you.

Vendor Finance

There are many flavours of this form of lending out there but mainly it is about assisting with cash-flow. We like to pride ourselves on our ability to also streamline this form of lending to minimise the administration required which can tie up staff and resources that are best used to generate income and not be involved with overhead costing.


As always, a bank/lender must make money. This can often lead to monthly and yearly loan fees among others. As Brokers we can assist greatly with finding the right loan with a fee structure that matches your best needs.

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