July 25, 2018

Interest Rates Still on Hold. Want to Save?

What we are Hearing

Want to save money and wonder how? We are continually hearing how interest rates are on hold and how they are at a historic low.

Now would be a great time to lock in a current interest rate and make a saving. Take action now.

You may well be able to save more than you realise. 

You may well ask why you can save. This is relative to interest rate moves. It can only be time before rates rise. Lock a rate in and save. How? Let us help you get your rate locked in for an agreed period.

Do not confuse this rate locking with an Interest Only Term. Some folk have recently had their IO loan payment increase since it is normally associated with a variable rate loan. Is this what you want? Or do you want the savings that can potentially be achieved.

Want to Save? Make Contact as Below.

Leave your comments below or click here and register your interest.

We could be reviewing your current lending requirements as early as tomorrow.

As always we would work in your Best Interest. Some folk often ask why we say this. The answer to this is because it is the truth. Nothing can be gained  in helping you get a loan that rewards us the best. We are genuinely interested in ensuring you the client, get what is best for you. Our aim is to be committed to that very basic requirement set by all our governing bodies which is that any loan arranged “shall not be unsuitable” for the client. To ensure this our guiding principal guarantees you the client, that we always work in your best interest. What better guarantee can be offered to you than this?

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